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Jean-Marc Probst amid his book collection of the Little Prince in Lausanne, Switzerland

I have two passions: travelling and The Little Prince. I've been collecting the various editions of the opus by Saint Exupery in all possible languages since the early eighties and, since 2013, my Foundation has been contributing to new publications.

It all started when I was still a student at the ETH in Zürich. At that time I was given the opportunity to visit many countries while participating in The Race around the World, a competition organized by the French-language television channels.

During this experience, I noticed that The Little Prince had already been translated into many languages. I was fascinated to discover the cover of the book, for example, in Arabic and Japanese, two copies which I then brought back from my travels.

During the years that followed, friends who also travelled a lot gave me new copies which allowed my small collection to grow.

But it's especially in the last fifteen years, thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet and by trading and purchasing books, that my collection has widened to become the largest collection worldwide. However, this would not have been possible to achieve had I not been able to acquire two important collections, those of Jaume Arbonès and Michael Pätel.

This site has been designed to be a reference for collectors and enthusiasts. I am delighted to see it evolve and therefore am grateful to all those who will give me their comments.

The books in their library ...
The books in their library ... The books in their library ... In the middle of my collection…